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Fractional Distillation Systems for Purification, Fractionation, and Solvent Recovery

The separation of volatile components (fractionation) can be achieved using Pope's state-of-the-art line of fractional distillation equipment systems, (Fractional Columns). Fractional distillation is particularly suitable for critical applications that require separation of complex mixtures such as fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, flavors, cosmetics, extracts, etc. – anywhere where a finer level of purity is needed or when component’s boiling points are close.

Fractional distillation equipment is available in a multiple range of sizes from the lab scale solvent recovery through processing scale. Pope specializes in mid-size fractionation columns. These precision designed fractionations units fill the gap between small laboratory bench scale fractional distillation units and large process systems for critical applications. The 1 - 100 gal/hr throughput capacity is ideal for pilot plants and for applications requiring small runs.

Utilizing Pope’s engineering expertise for fractional distiller equipment, we provide assistance with design, (including evaluation for theoretical plates, plus energy required for desired separation), and can determine the necessary components for the best configuration for your needs. The fractional distillation unit is then manufactured, tested and delivered. Installation and in plant training are more features available to complete the complex distillation processing solution.

Pope Scientific Fractional Distillation Systems are available as:

  • Batch or continuous feed applications
  • 1 to 100 gal/hr range of throughput capacities
  • 1" and larger packed column diameters, in standard flanged sections
  • 316-L stainless steel (glass & special alloys available)
  • Wide variety of column packings & internals
  • Turnkey fractional column systems, partial systems & individual components

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Batch Mode Stills

Batch Mode Stills

Fractional Distillation: Batch Mode Stills


Used when relatively small quantities of liquid are to be processed, or when a high level of purity is required.

Typical Systems Include:

Boiling vessel with fill and drain valves, sight glass, sensors for liquid level, pressure and temperature, and extra ports.

  • Choice of heating options
  • Column section(s), pre-loaded with packing and required internals
  • High efficiency condenser
  • 3-way automatic reflux valve
  • Distillate cooler and sight glass
  • Receiving vessels for cut fractions (discharge pumps optional)
  • 3-way receiver selector valve
  • Control system - simple, PLC or pc-based
  • Skid platform and support structure for system

Continuous Mode Stills

 Continuous Mode Stills
Fractional Distillation: Continuous Mode Stills

Used when large or continuous quantities of liquid are to be processed and/or when a very high level of purity is not required.

Typical Systems Include:

  • Precision metering feed pump.
  • Feed preheater section with feedback control.
  • Valve manifold for selection of feed point to column.
  • Column section(s), pre-loaded with packing and required internals.
  • High efficiency condenser.
  • 3-way automatic reflux valve.
  • Distillate cooler and sight glass.
  • Distillate and Bottoms discharge pumps.
  • Reboiler with steam, electric or hot oil heating, level switch, vapor return to column, bottoms discharge port.
  • Bottoms cooler.
  • Control system - simple, PLC or pc-based.
  • Skid platform and support structure for system.


Standard Fractional Column Packings


A range of packing types for fractional columns is available. The standard distillation packing offered is Pro-Pak® random packing. Customer specified packings can be used including materials of stainless steel, metal alloys, ceramic and plastics.

Packed Column Details



Still Mounted Continuous Purification System

Still Mounted Continuous Purification System with 3" and 4" fractionatingcolumns, plus absorbers, dessicator columns and control elements.

Batch Fractional Distillation Equipment System

30 liter Batch Fractional Distillation System with 2" column, receivers, and explosion-proof instrumentation.

Continuous Fractional Distillation System

Complete turnkey 2-stage pressurizable Continuous Fractional Distillation System with 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" columns, thermosi-phon reboilers, transfer pumps and receivers, explosion-proof PC-based control system.

Skid-Mounted Purification

Skid-Mounted Purification Plant, with 2" diameter fractionating column, reboiler, condenser, vaporizers, pumps, control elements, vessels and other components.

Batch Vacuum Distillation Column System

Batch vacuum distillation Column System with 2", 22 liter Autocol on a metal frame and additional vacuum assembly of receiver flasks, pump system and gauges.


Pope's Autocol Glass Fractional Stills for batch laboratory work, small scale processing or solvent recovery.

Pro-Pak®-loaded, flasks sizes are 5, 12 or 22 liters, with 1", 1.5", and 2" diameter columns respectively. Approximately 15 theoretical plates per column. Alternate sizes and configurations are available.



Batch Mode Still Diagram

Continuous Mode Still Diagram


Q. What is fractional distillation?
A. Fractional distillation separates a mixture into different parts, called fractions.

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