Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryers

Pope’s smaller lab scale Nutsche units provide chemists and researchers with a very powerful tool for testing, piloting and small scale processing. These are a logical leap forward from common Buchner funnel apparatus, providing important advantages including: pressurization for faster filtering than vacuum draining alone, vessel vacuum and heating capability for efficient drying of filter cake, built-in spray heads for filter cake washing, complete material containment for increased safety and purity plus gas blanketing capability, optional mixers or cake agitators for churning/re-smoothing filter cake for greater drying efficiency. These lab units are also ideal for pilot work in simulation of larger production scale Nutsches.

Standard Benchtop Nutsches

Available in 6” diameter, with choice of 3, 4 or 5 liter volumes and are kept in stock for short delivery times. ASME stamped, (other certifications available), and pre-fitted with useful components including valves, sightglasses, pressure relief, spray assembly and pressure/vacuum gauge, the user can select optional jacketing or electric heating and optional choices of either motorized mixer or else up/down cake agitator in manual or motorized versions. Further information is available in our Benchtop Flyer.

Custom Benchtop Nutsches

Also offered in sizes as small as 3” diameter, volumes as small as 0.2 liters. Extent of componentry depends on size and other considerations. Larger units than the Standard Benchtop Nutsche are also available, though these 8” and larger diameters and weight of these brings them more into the domain of floor standing pilot category rather than Benchtop category. See next section.

In addition, Custom Benchtop Nutsches can be designed for various requirements, including such features as custom stands, funnel heads, instrumentation, heating/cooling circulators, alternate alloys and coatings, pumps, or other customization.