Sanitary Pressurizable Mixers

Interchangeable, Application Optimized, Adaptable

Sanitary Mixers, Chemical Mixers and High Shear Mixers

Mixers, Stirrers, & Agitators

Designed for a multiple range of applications including high shear mixing, stirring or agitator, several models and sizes are available for stand alone use or with our portable pressure vessels or nutsche mixing systems. All feature robust design, top quality materials, precision fabrication, and are fully pretested over their entire operating range. For even greater mixer flexibility, motors, shafts and impellers can be completely interchangeable.

Regardless of the model and configuration you choose, you can be confident your Pope mixer will deliver the performance your application demands – and the reliability you expect.

We offer the following processing equipment:

  • High purity mixers
  • Pharmaceutical mixers
  • Sanitary mixers – CIP, SIP
  • Chemical duty mixers
  • Complete mixing and process vessel systems
  • Autoclavable and wash down versions
  • High Pressure and vacuum capability
  • 316-L stainless steel standard, Hastelloy, other alloys
  • Special designs for reactor, fermenters, blenders, other vessels
  • Custom mixers

Product Versions & Specifications

Series 600 Mixer

Series 700 Mixer

Series 800 Mixer

900 Series Custom Mixer