Process and Product Applications

Oils & Fats

Deodorization of Triglycerides
Decolorization of Oils & Derivatives
Separation of Esters from Fatty Acids & Oils
Separation of Free Fatty Acids from Vegetable & Edible Oil
Fractionation of Tall Oil
Concentration of Glycerol
Isolation of Monoglyceride, Diglyceride, Glycerine
Purification & Deodorization of Fish Oil
Elimination of Pesticides from Natural Oils
Concentration of Natural Carotin
Concentration of Omega-3 – Fatty Acids Distilled from Fish Oil
Distillation of Fatty Acid Amides
Distillation of Dimeric Fatty Acids
Deodorization of Emu Oil
Isolation of DHA & EPA
Removal of Pesticides from Lanolin
Isolation of Carotine, Vitamins, Sterols
Separation of Cosmetic Compounds
Distillation of Coconut Oils, Other Medium Chain Trigylcerides

Chemical & Specialty

Purification of Polyphenyl Compounds
Separation of Aromatic Amines from Oxidized Components & By-products
Separation of Long Chain Acid Chlorides from Impurities & Free Acids
Solvent Separation from Silicon Oils
Concentration & Purification of Esters
Concentration of Herbicides & Insecticides
Purification of Sorbitanic Esters
Purification of Candelilla Wax & Other Natural Waxes
Elimination of Solvents & Improvement of Color of Montan Wax
Deodoration, Separation of Pesticides
Decolorization of Lanolin
Distillation of Acrylic Acid
Distillation of Acid Amides
Distillation of Pharmaceutical Active Substances (e.g. Pentoxifyllin)


Purification of Synthetic Intermediates
Evaporation of Solvents from Process Chromatography Purification Operations
Distillation of Components from Extracts
Fractionation of Heat-Sensitive Compounds
Separation of Fermentation Derived Intermediates


Separation of Mycrocrystalline Wax from Crude Oil High Vacuum Residues
Fractionation of Synthetic & Petrochemical Waxes to Soft & Hard Waxes
Removal of Heavy Hydocarbons from Asphalts, Tars, Residues


Devolatilization of Prepolymers, Biopolymers
Purification & Concentration of Monomers
Purification & Concentration of Polymers, Plasticizers, UV Inhibitors
Stripping Monomers from Polymers
Purification of Epoxy Resins, Latex, Isocyanate, Urethane, Silicone, Acrylic
Purification of Adhesives

Nutriceuticals, Foods, Flavors, Fragrances

Elimination of Terpenes & Concentration of Oils
Separation of Solvents from Flavors
Concentration of Juices or Extracts
Concentration of Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, Antioxidants
Derivatives from Palm, Rice Bran, Soybean, Flax, Sunflower, Other Oils
Distillation of Annatto Seed Oil Derivatives
Concentration & Isolation of Lactic Acid
Concentration of Capsicum
Fractionation of Mint & Peppermint Oil
Concentration of Nootkatone & Valencene from Citrus Oil
Purification of Patchouli, Sandlewood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Hempseed Oils
Concentration of Lycopene
Devolatilization of Botanical Extracts
Isolation of Cholesterol, Sterols


Purification of Spent Lubricants, Brake fluids, Glycerol, Refrigerant
Recovery of Thermal, Frying, Vacuum, & Transformer Oils
Recycling of Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO) Mother Liquors
Recycling of Polyethlyene Glycols
Processing of Pharmaceutical Industry Mother Liquors
Advanced Organic Intermediates
Recycling of Monochloric Acids from Mother Liquors