Still Versions - Wiped Film Molecular Stills & Evaporators

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The Best Solution for Your Application in Lab – Pilot Plant – Production Sizes

Separate, evaporate, concentrate or purify by using the superior process of short residence time, at a lower temperature, without degradation of your heat-sensitive material with the wiped-film technique. Examples of configurations for either distillation, evaporation or concentration are shown.

Our engineers work with you to provide the right size for the best results for your application. Standard lab scale stills are available in 2″, 4″ and 6″ sizes with scale up models for pilot plants and processing scale. The key to the most efficient thermal technique is utilizing Pope’s custom approach for your solution.

From lab scale to pilot plant to production scale, our custom configurations are ideally suited to your applications. A wide range of materials is offered for your custom configuration.

Still Versions

Wiped-Film Molecular (Short-Path) Still

The molecular distillation design is selected for when the distillate is of high boiling point and/or extremely heat sensitive. High vacuum (to 0.001 torr) and a close proximity internal condenser are utilized.

Wiped-Film Evaporator (WFE)

The evaporator design is selected where there is a significant percentage of moderate or low boiling distillate. Medium vacuum (to 0.1 torr) and a high surface area external condenser are utilized.

Hybrid Still

Hybrid designs combine WFE and Fractional Column technology, for simplicity when separating materials that have close boiling points.

Typical Flow Rates For A Wiped-Film Still Configuration – Based On Equipment Size

Diameter (inches) Surface Area (sq. feet) Surface Area (sq. meters) Typical Flow Rates (kg/hr), Application Dependent
20.350.0330.1 - 3
41.160.1081.0 - 20
62.350.2182.0 - 40
95.300.4910 - 100
1210.500.9820 - 200
2025.002.3250 - 450
2037.503.4880 - 700