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Pope Scientific, Inc. Expanding WI Facility

Pope Scientific, Inc. Expanding WI Facility


Pope Scientific, Inc. a leading manufacturer of chemical processing equipment, engineered systems and laboratory apparatus for science and industry, broke ground on a new building expansion in the Fall of 2019.

Pope’s existing 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility contains engineering, construction areas, technical and testing labs, a glass blowing facility, shipping / storage and a fully equipped toll processing area.

Due to consistent growth, Pope enlisted VJS Construction Services to expand the existing facility by 20,000 square feet. This addition will be an extension of the manufacturing portion of the business as well as a multi-use space, housing offices and a conference space. Safety is at the forefront of the facility expansion, along with improved processes and efficiency, to better serve customers.

Pope credits customers, both new and old, for support over the years as they look forward to a bright future. Stay tuned to see progress as facility gets closer to completion.

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New Pope Scientific Toll Processing Expansion

New Pope Scientific Toll Processing Expansion


Pope has Recently Increased its Existing Toll Processing Capacity and Capabilities with Installation of a New 3-Stage Distillation Module

This system consists of a Degasser Stage, a 1m2 Wiped Film Molecular Still Stage and a 1m2 Wiped Film Hybrid Distillation Stage. These 3 units can be configured in several different ways depending on the particular application and optimization of processing strategies. Evaporation, devolatilization, high vacuum short path distillation and multi-plate column fractionation are all possible with this equipment.

The system includes automatic control of feed rate, vacuum level, temperature, reflux ratio, and other parameters. Process control is via an Allen Bradley PLC system with wireless data transfer to a PC for data logging and analysis. The feed rate for the system is up to 120 kg/hour or more, application-dependent. Vacuum capability is from atmospheric pressure to 0.01 mm Hg, with hot oil circulation temperature capability up to 287°C.

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