Lab Glassware Repair

Pope’s unique ability to repair glassware in-house allows us to offer unparalleled support to our customers.

Pope’s Lab Glassware Services

As part of our equipment manufacturing, Pope Scientific has a full glass shop onsite. Aside from blowing all of our glass parts in-house, our very skilled glassblowers can repair and modify broken glassware and glass laboratory apparatus. This allows us to provide our customers with quick service repairs to glassware and new replacement parts that are available for our customers in an efficient manner.

Our Process

To determine if your glassware is repairable or needs a replacement, please contact us through our contact form. We will reach out to request the following:

  1. Part # if you have it.
  2. Image of the damage in the photo
  3. Detailed description of the damages

Once we receive your inquiry, a representative will reach out to discuss options and help you get your glass repaired quickly.

Pope’s Custom Glass Services

With the use of our glass shop, Pope is also capable of making custom glassware for a wide range of scientific equipment. Please contact Pope to discuss your custom glass application and we will determine how best to work together on your project. 

Cryogenic Dewar Flasks

In addition to our lab glassware repair services, Pope Scientific Inc. also manufactures a range of Dewar flasks in our glass shop. Our complete line of scientific dewar flasks (vacuum flasks), available in sizes from 150 ml to 5000 ml, are designed for laboratory and research use, specifically for handling Liquid Nitrogen. All our Dewar flasks are made of fully silvered borosilicate glass and come in various models, including open vessels for use with glass flasks, wide mouth designs with mesh or aluminum housings, options with handles, and narrow neck versions. These well-crafted, efficient designs offer excellent value for cryogenic applications.

Learn More About Pope Dewars

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