Laboratory Testing

Pope offers lab trials & testing at our facility

Why are laboratory trials important?

Feasibility testing of your application on Pope’s equipment gives you the advantage of determining the suitability of Pope Scientific technology for your separation needs. Working directly with our experienced staff provides valuable insight into determining your specific equipment requirements.

Testing is available on all Pope’s toll distillation processing equipment – Molecular stills, Evaporators (WFE), Hybrid configurations, as well as on our Nutsche Filter Dryers. You can work with various quantities, even in the earliest stages of your research.

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Are visits allowed during Lab Trials?

Yes!  Visits are allowed and encouraged.  They are especially helpful if the next step is to purchase larger distillation equipment.  Pope operates many different sizes of their own equipment and it is useful to see the different pieces of equipment in operation.

What does a typical Lab Trial look like?

Lab Trials at Pope are generally performed on our 2” Molecular Stil.  We request about 1-2 L of material and attempt to purify it using distillation to meet our customer’s specifications.  Many lab trials take one day to perform and then we return all the resulting streams to the customer for their analysis.  This feasibility testing allows our customers to know if Pope’s wiped film technology is a good fit for their process.

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