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Pope provides nutraceutical processing equipment as well as equipment for essential oils and botanical oils.

Essential Oil & Botanical Oil Distillation Equipment

Pope Scientific’s distillation equipment is expertly designed for the essential oil and botanical oil industries, enabling precise processing and customization of natural oils according to your specific requirements.

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Importance of Nutraceutical Distillation

Our advanced wiped film distillation technology is ideally suited for the nutraceutical and essential oil sectors, providing the gentle purification these sensitive substances require. Thanks to the short residence time and highly efficient evaporation technique employed in our stills, our equipment ensures optimal recovery of valuable products while minimizing thermal degradation. Trust Pope’s technology to maintain the integrity and efficacy of your essential and botanical oils.

Process Applications

  • Derivatives from Palm, Rice Bran, Soybean, Flax, Sunflower, Other Oils
  • Distillation of Annatto Seed Oil Derivatives
  • Concentration & Isolation of Lactic Acid
  • Concentration of Capsicum
  • Fractionation of Mint & Peppermint Oil
  • Concentration of Nootkatone & Valencene from Citrus Oil
  • Purification of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Agarwood (Oud), Hempseed, and many other Oils
  • Concentration of Lycopene
  • Devolatilization of Botanical Extracts
  • Isolation of Cholesterol, Sterols

Our Approach

At Pope Scientific, we recognize the importance of ensuring our equipment meets your specific needs before making a commitment. We offer the unique opportunity to perform lab trials on customer materials prior to equipment purchase. This “try before you buy” approach sets Pope apart and provides our clients with the confidence that the equipment they purchase will produce the desired product efficiently and effectively.

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Our Equipment

Pope Scientific's distillation equipment is expertly designed for the essential oil and botanical oil industries.

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