Recent News

New Pope Scientific Toll Processing Expansion

2015-08-21 02:34:58

Pope has recently increased its existing toll processing capacity and capabilities with installation of a new 3-stage distillation module.

Pope Scientific 2015 Tradeshows

2015-03-04 09:08:04

Pope Scientific to attend Achema in Germany

Custom Vessels & Processing Systems

2013-06-14 09:01:16

Pope Vessels and integrated Processing systems are utilized in production, pilot plants and labs for processing pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, foods, specialty chemicals, etc. High quality materials, welding, and finishing assure integrity and validation in sanitary, ultra-high purity and hazardous applications. ASME stamping is standard; CE/PED, other certifications available.

Benchtop Nutsche Filter-Dryer Systems

2013-06-13 09:53:12

Solids, crystals, high purity chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc., are efficiently filtered, washed, reslurried and dried in these portable nutsche filter units, minimizing contamination and exposure. A logical leap forward from laboratory Buchner funnels.

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