Pope’s toll processing and chemical toll distillation services have been proven in critical and high purity applications.

Pope Scientific’s Services

Pope provides distillation toll processing, lab trials, and process development. We also offer scientific glass repairs and customizations through our glass blowing facility.

Specializing in High Vacuum Molecular Distillation, Evaporation and Fractionation

Pope’s toll processing and chemical toll distillation services have been proven in critical and high purity applications. Our toll distillation area is equipped to handle volumes ranging from laboratory trials through large-scale production runs. Our toll distillation services are fully licensed by the FDA as a food processing facility and routinely performs processing using GMP compliant procedures. Pope can also supply Kosher certification when required by our customers.

The 64,000 sq. ft. Pope Scientific facility hosts a dedicated processing area that handles both feasibility testing and toll distillation runs, staffed by experienced operators, chemists and engineers.

Our Services

In addition to our equipment manufacturing capabilities, Pope offers distillation toll processing, laboratory/feasibility testing, and process development. Our in-house glass shop provides scientific glass parts, glass repair services and custom glass dewars.

Additional Services

  • Assistance with upstream or downstream distillation process development and scale-up
  • Feasibility testing prior to toll processing
  • Custom chemical toll distillation services
  • Food GMP Processing Available
  • Complete turnkey processing equipment manufacturing, sales and service
  • Chemical tolling services
  • Tolling contract services

Our Know-How for Tolling & Testing

  • A long history of success in toll processing – helping clients solve process problems and optimize processes
  • A toll processing staff of highly trained, experienced Chemical Engineers, Chemists, and Operators
  • Decades of experience in the operation of Wiped-Film Still Systems
  • Lab, Pilot and Production equipment on-site that allow for processing L scale up to 20 metric tons a month.
  • Solution Driven approach with each customer for optimal outcomes

Glass Shop Services

  • Custom Dewar Flasks
  • Scientific glass replacements and repairs
  • Custom scientific glassware

Industries We Serve

Pope Scientific provides production process, pilot plant, and laboratory equipment for separations, reactions, filtering, and other operations in many industries including high-value fine specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, edible and essential oils, foods, flavors, polymers, electronics, lubricants, waxes, cannabis, cosmetics, biobased materials, and many more.