Turnkey & Custom Processing Equipment

Pope Scientific specializes in providing turnkey process vessel systems and custom process skid designs tailored to meet our customers' exact requirements.

Pope Turnkey Custom Processing Vessel Skid

Pope Turnkey Process Vessel Systems

Pope Scientific specializes in providing turnkey process vessel systems and custom process skid designs tailored to meet our customers’ exact requirements.

Integrated Processing Vessel Systems

For clients requiring complete, custom processing solutions, Pope Scientific is the go-to provider. Since 1975, we have been recognized and respected for our custom lab, pilot plant, and processing equipment. Our ability to design and supply complex equipment for a broad spectrum of applications showcases our “Solution Driven” capabilities. Our team of chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers leverages extensive manufacturing and processing experience to deliver top-tier solutions tailored to each customer’s specific process needs.

Our custom process skid designs for turnkey systems often include a range of peripheral items essential to enhancing and completing the setup. These can include additional vessels, filter systems, chillers, heaters, pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, load cells, powered lifts, vacuum systems, fractionating columns, and other necessary components. Pope’s continuous processing equipment experience can also be leveraged when building skids, whether it is distillation-based like our wiped-film stills or chemistry driven.

Furthermore, Pope is equipped to integrate data recorders and PLC control systems to cater to the sophisticated demands of our clients. We also accommodate customers who prefer to work with their own automation integrators, offering flexibility by limiting our scope to instrumentation as needed. Whether the requirement is for a skid system suitable for small to medium-scale manufacturing or a custom-designed pilot plant, Pope has the expertise and the resources to deliver high-quality equipment and comprehensive solutions.

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Pope 400 Liter Pharmaceutical Reaction & Processing System

Custom turnkey modular synthetic cannabinoid processing skid with Hastelloy reactor & condensing section, XP Div II rated.

Pope 400 Liter Pharmaceutical Reaction & Processing System
250L Batch Fractional Distillation System
200 L Batch Fractional Distillation System
Pope 350 Liter Nutsche
600 Liter Pharmaceutical Reaction & Processing System
Pope Turnkey Nutsche Reactor System
Pope 30 Liter Nutsche specially designed for polymer precipitation.
Custom Reaction and Distillation System
20L Reagent Deliver System