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Pope Scientific’s wiped film distillation equipment can be built for cosmetic and personal care product distillation

Cosmetic Oleochemical Distillation

Pope Scientific’s wiped film distillation equipment can also be used for cosmetic and personal care applications. In addition, Pope offers in-house feasibility testing and Toll Processing to assist in development and manufacture of new products.

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The Importance of Wiped Film Distillation for Cosmetics

At Pope Scientific, our wiped-film stills are perfectly suited for the precise needs of cosmetic polymer distillations. Our advanced wiped-film technology efficiently removes impurities with minimal heat exposure, safeguarding the integrity of delicate ingredients. The technology’s short residence time ensures that there is no risk of burning or unwanted decolorization, common issues with less sophisticated systems. Choose Pope’s wiped-film distillation solutions for unmatched purity and quality in your cosmetic products.

Process Applications

We specialize in Wiped Film Distillation for Cosmetics, utilizing our advanced wiped-film stills to purify silicone polymers, hydrocarbon polymers, and polyglyceride materials. Our technology is crucial for the cosmetic industry, where the common goals include removing unwanted light components and enhancing product clarity by removing color from the final products. Our systems are designed to meet the stringent purity standards required in cosmetics, ensuring that each product achieves the desired quality and effectiveness.

Our Approach

Our wiped film distillation systems often incorporate a degassing stage, which is particularly beneficial to the cosmetics and personal care industry. This stage effectively removes lighter materials, enhancing the vacuum performance of the wiped film still itself. Thanks to this innovative approach, Pope’s wiped film stills operate at higher feed rates compared to other technologies while delivering superior distillation results. Explore how our tailored solutions can optimize your production processes and elevate the quality of your cosmetic products.

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Pope Scientific’s wiped film distillation equipment can be uniquely designed for cosmetic and personal care applications.

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