Testimonial: Chromatic 3D Materials

Published on: August 17, 2021 Chromatic 3D Materials

“I had the pleasure of interacting with many different specialty areas within Pope Scientific, Inc. that included products, sales, technical support, and glass repair service.  The customer support in all areas gets the rating of 5 out of 5 stars.  I would like to share the following examples. My company was attempting to reduce the amount of a monomer in our product to a very low levels using a Pope Scientific Wiped Film Evaporator, WFE, and had made numerous attempts before contacting their technical support.  The technical expert at Pope was able to provide the exact conditions and equipment to use for successfully achieving the desired product.  Another time, while in the middle of a manufacturing run during a cleaning process, a joint was broken off an expensive WFE condenser.  The condenser was fixed by Pope at the fastest turnover humanly possible. My company is considering buying a larger Pope WFE unit and the sales team spent time understanding the process requirements to prepare the quote for the needed equipment. I am confident that the equipment that was quoted will work for the intended purpose due to the Pope knowledge base and care that was taken in the preparation of the quote.  It is rare to find a company that has the depth of knowledge and skill in all areas of customer support and in addition produces very high-quality products.  I consider Pope Scientific, Inc. a partner who has a hand in the success of my company.”

Cora Leibig, Ph.D. CEO
Chromatic 3D Materials, Golden Valley, MN

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