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Pope Scientific Inc. Unveils CE-Certified Series of Wiped-Film Still Systems at ACHEMA 2024

Pope Scientific Inc. Unveils CE-Certified Series of Wiped-Film Still Systems at ACHEMA 2024

Pope Scientific Inc., a prominent figure in processing technologies since 1963, proudly announces the launch of its CE-certified series of wiped-film still systems. Renowned for their efficiency and precision, these systems represent a significant advancement in distillation technology, adhering to the highest health, safety, and environmental standards set forth by the European Union.

Pope 2″ WFC-200 Wiped-Film Still

The CE-certified series, comprised of Pope’s 2”, 4”, and 6” still sizes, bears the model designations WFC-200, WFC-400, and WFC-600 respectively. The first unveiling of the WFC-200 model will take place at ACHEMA 2024, showcasing Pope’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.

The wiped-film still, pioneered by Pope in 1976, also recognized under alternate names such as molecular stills short-path stills, and wiped-film evaporators, serves a crucial role in separating heat-sensitive materials effectively. Known by whichever moniker depending on application, geography, or industry, the purpose remains consistent: the separation of materials that demand a delicate touch in distillation processes.

Pope’s expertise extends across a wide array of processing industries, with their stills falling into two primary categories: the wiped film molecular (short path) stills designed for high boiling point materials, and the wiped film evaporators with external condensers tailored for lower boiling point distillates.

Constructed within heavy-duty stainless steel portable structures, the WFC series systems incorporate all necessary auxiliary components for seamless operation under diverse conditions. These include condenser types suitable for molecular distillation and/or evaporation/concentration. The turnkey skids also are provided with wiper drive, feed/degasser flask, extra receivers, cold trap, trap chiller, vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, heating/chilling circulators, and a control panel with a single-point power connection.




Pope 6″ WFC-600 Wiped-Film Still


Customers can opt for additional features such as feed pumps, discharge pumps, heat tracing, flow meters, vacuum boosters, and more. The systems are offered with a standard glass body, with the option of 316L stainless steel. Moreover, the body heating can be achieved via electric bands or hot oil, with accessibility for cleaning and system reconfiguration.


With a wide range of applications spanning pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, edible and essential oils, foods, flavors, vitamins, cosmetics, liquid silicone polymers, and beyond, Pope’s wiped-film still systems offer unparalleled versatility and reliability. Backed by decades of hands-on distillation toll processing, process development, and testing services, Pope ensures exceptional customer service, technical consulting, and client satisfaction.

The WFC series systems are poised to revolutionize experimental R&D, pilot plant studies, and production processing, accommodating a range of capacities from 0.1 to 20 kg/hr depending on model size, body material, and application. The scalability between WFC series models and larger systems in Pope’s portfolio further enhances their appeal to a diverse clientele.

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About Pope Scientific Inc.: Pope Scientific Inc. has been globally known for their innovative chemical processing technologies since 1963. With a commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards, Pope continues to redefine the landscape of distillation technology across various processing industries worldwide.

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