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Video: Nutsche Filter-Dryer Overview

Video: Nutsche Filter-Dryer Overview

Pope Nutsche Filter-Dryers (also known as ANFD – A for Agitated), are known and used worldwide for critical high purity separations of liquids and solids. Products include pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, food processing, electronics grade materials, fine specialty chemicals, and many others.

Some of the Advantages & Capabilities of the Nutsche Filter Dryer include:

  • Solids filtering, washing, re-slurrying, and drying can all be done in a single vessel
  • Minimal operator / environmental exposure to the materials
  • Faster filtering possible via pressurizing liquid out than sucking it out via vacuum.
  • Ability to dry solids via vacuum and optional heating

Pope Nutsches are available in a wide range of scales in volumes from 0.2 through 1000 liters. The popular Pope Benchtop Nutsche Filter is often used in small scale production and for scale-up studies in research and development in many industries. These are available in 6” diameter, with a choice of 3, 4, or 5 liter volumes, and are kept in stock for short delivery times; renting also available.

All Nutsches are ASME stamped for safety, (other certifications available), and pre-fitted and tested with components including valves, sight glasses, pressure relief, spray assembly for cake washing or CIP, pressure/vacuum gauge, plus other optional items for special applications. Most Nutsches are fitted with heating/cooling jackets but can be ordered without, or with electric heating. It is typical to order a Nutsche with an optional raising/lowering cake agitator to break up lumps for drying efficiency, although some applications call for conventional mixers or none. Various system designs provide the customer with choices for harvesting, lifting, transporting, and other features.

For more details on our Nutsche Filter-Dryers or to speak with an application specialist, contact us.