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Services and Equipment

Pope Scientific, Specializing in High Vacuum Molecular Distillation,
Evaporation and Fractionation.

Pope's Toll Processing and Toll Manufacturing services have been proven in critical and high purity applications. Our toll distillation area is equipped to handle volumes ranging from laboratory trials through large scale production runs. Our Toll Distillation Service is fully licensed by the WDA/FDA as a food processing facility and routinely performs processing using cGMP compliant procedures. Pope can also supply Kosher certification when required by our customers.

The 44,000 sq. ft. Pope Scientific facility hosts a dedicated processing area which handles both feasibility testing and toll distillation runs, staffed by experienced operators, chemists and engineers.

Toll Manufacturing Distillation Provides Cost Effective Solutions

Toll manufacturing is a Pope specialty. Flexible configurations of various equipment enable us to customize contract distillation to fit your application. Equipment includes lab scale, pilot scale, and production scale evaporators and hybrid distillation, small scale Nutsches and specialized components.

Toll Processing Services for Heat Sensitive Materials

Pope Short Path/Wiped-Film toll processing equipment handles the separation and purification of difficult materials which are high in boiling point, melting point, viscosity, or reactivity, with excellent results. The high vacuum and short residence time ensures that your finished product is of the highest possible quality and yield with the lowest possible thermal degradation.

Additional Services

  • Assistance with upstream or downstream distillation process development and scale-up
  • Feasibility testing prior to toll processing
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Processing to GMP requirements
  • Complete turnkey processing equipment manufacturing, sales and service
  • Chemical tolling services
  • Tolling contract services

The Know-How for Tolling and Testing

  • A long history of success in toll processing -- helping clients solve process problems and optimize processes
  • A toll processing staff of highly trained, experienced Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Technicians and Toll Process Operators
  • Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of Wiped-Film Still Systems
  • Production equipment including 20" Series Wiped-Film Stills
  • Solution Driven approach with each customer for optimal outcomes


Chemical Process Equipment

Multiple Processing Configurations with Expansive Capabilities
Pope's toll processing equipment currently handles throughputs ranging from
50 ml/hr to 350 l/hr for processing feedlots of 1 liter to many tons. All Short Path/Wiped Film Still toll distillation units can operate to extremes of 0.001 mm Hg vacuum level and to beyond 350°C. These toll processing units are configurable as molecular stills, evaporators or hybrid evaporator/fractionators, in single or multiple stages.

20" Short Path/Wiped-Film Still Plant
Wiped-Film Still Plant: 100 - 350 L/hr throughput capacity. Includes Passive Degasser stage and 25 sq. ft. Molecular Still. Vacuum capability to 0.001
Torr.. Stainless Steel construction.

12" Two-Stage Short Path/Wiped-Film Still Plant
Two-Stage Wiped-Film Still Plant: 20 - 150 L/hr throughput capacity. Includes Passive Degasser stage and 2 each 10.5 sq..ft.. Molecular Stills. Vacuum capability to 0.001 Torr.. 316L Stainless Steel construction. Unit may also be configured as Wiped Film Evaporator, and as a Hybrid Distillation System, combining a Wiped Film Evaporator with a 10" diameter Fractional Column for fractional distillation of temperature sensitive materials.

6" Short Path/Wiped-Film Still Plant
Wiped-Film Still Plant, Single- and Multi-Stage Systems: 5 - 30 l/hr fed throughput capacity. Stainless Steel versions available. Vacuum capability to 0.001 Torr.. May be configured as Molecular Still, Wiped Film Evaporator, Hybrid Still or combinations of these configurations.

2" Short Path/Wiped-Film Still
Wiped-Film Still: 50 ml/hr - 1 l/hr throughput capacity. May be configured as Molecular Still. Wiped Film Evaporator or Hybrid Still. Vacuum capability to
0.001 Torr.. Glass system used for feasibility testing and process development.

toll processing, toll manufacturing

Updated Toll Processing Equipment
Our equipment is continuously being upgraded with various new configurations to assist in our customer's process development. These upgrades for custom processing enable us to provide state-of-the-art toll distillation and testing services that are cost efficient and reliable with superior results. Contact us to discuss your toll distillation application for more information on current equipment.

toll processing, toll manufacturing

Chemical Processing Applications

  • Edible oil deodorization and deacification
  • Vitamin and nutritional supplement purification
  • Extract and biomaterial concentration
  • Food, flavors and fragrance isolation
  • Polymer devolatilization
  • Wax and silicones fractionation
  • Decolorization
  • Moisture removal
  • Many others
  • F.A.M.E. Fractionation (Also F.A.E.E.)
  • Polyglycerol Distillation
  • Omega - 3 Fatty Acid Distillation



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