Benchtop Nutsche Filter-Dryer Systems

Published on: October 2, 2018 benchtop nutsche filter dryer system

Pope 3-liter Benchtop Nutsche Filter with optional motorized raising/lowering filter cake agitator.

Solids, crystals, high purity chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc., are efficiently filtered, washed, reslurried and dried in these portable nutsche filter-dryer systems, minimizing contamination and exposure. A logical leap forward from laboratory Buchner funnels. Design allows withdrawal of filter cake utilizing removable top head, bottom head and filter support assembly. May be pressurized to increase rate of solvent removal; drying is aided by vacuum and heating capability. Useful for experimentation and scale up studies; also for small scale production of high value products.

Standard models in 3, 4 or 5-liter sizes are stocked for quick delivery. Other lab sizes down to 0.2 liters and pilot/production sizes up to 1000 liters are offered. ASME and optional CE/PED certification for full vacuum to 100 psi, -80 to 250o C. Offered in stainless steel, Hastelloy, or alternate metals; optional food or pharmaceutical grade mechanical and electropolish finishes; Teflon or alternate coatings. Custom design features include manual or motorized raising/lowering cake agitators, mixers, temperature control options, jacketing, valving, special porting, sight glasses, instrumentation, pumps, etc., plus a wide range of easily replaceable filter media.