Pressure Vessels & Reactors

Pope Scientific offers an extensive selection of stainless steel portable pressure vessels, reactors, blenders, and fully turnkey processing systems tailored to meet the demands of your specific applications.

Pharmaceutical Processing Vessels and Reactors

Stainless Steel Portable Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

Pope is a process vessel manufacturer, offering stainless steel portable pressure vessels/tanks for a wide range of uses in laboratories and industry.

Portable Pressure Vessels

Pope’s pressure vessels are all manufactured, certified and permanently stamped according to ASME Section VIII requirements to ensure safety; depending on mode, ratings up to full vacuum to 170 psi at -20 to 300°F are available. Standard sizes range from 1 to 37.4 gallons in 9”, 12” or 18” diameters, and come with an ASME Section VIII UM (Unfired Miniature) stamp. Certain sizes are kept in stock for quick delivery. These have an oval center access port plus 4 NPT type threaded pipe port connections, one of which is fitted with a removable dip tube extending to the bottom allowing pressurized discharge of liquid. Choice of metal is 304 or 316L stainless steel. Each is white pickle passivated for a corrosion resistant, attractive finish.

Cost-Effective Portable Pressure Vessel Customizations

Pope’s storage and PPV can undergo minor customizations and additions while still remaining cost-effective and maintaining quick delivery times.  Our applications specialists can assist with selections of pressure gauges, thermometers, pressure relief devices, valves, heaters, wheel and handle set-ups and other items. Further customization includes mixers, level switches and transmitters, pH and other sensors, filters, pumps, heating/cooling jackets, insulation, extra top, side and bottom fittings, special port types, alternate fabrication materials such as Hastelloy and coatings such as Teflon. In addition to ASME, other certifications are available for shipping and regional requirements such as CE/PED, TSSA/CRN, NR-13, UN/DOT,  and others upon request.

Pressure Vessel Surface Finish & Fittings

A Pope specialty is provision of portable pressure vessels for high purity, pharmaceutical, food and sanitary use. Special mechanical finishes up to 320 grit and electropolish provide extremely smooth, cleanable and sterilizable finishes with certifiable surfaces to better than 10 Ra*. Threadless sanitary Tri-Clamps are utilized as well as other fittings including ANSI, VCO, VCR, high vacuum and other types.


Turnkey Processing Equipment

Pope offers turnkey processing equipment custom-built for your unique application.

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