Pressure Vessels & Reactors

Pope Scientific offers an extensive selection of stainless steel portable pressure vessels, reactors, blenders, and fully turnkey processing systems tailored to meet the demands of your specific applications.

Pharmaceutical Processing Vessels and Reactors

Stainless Steel Reactors & Process Vessels

Special purpose, custom stainless steel process vessels and reactor systems are offered. Pope’s application specialists can help design a unit which meets the particular needs of the client. Traditional and highly customized stainless steel reactor vessels are offered, as well as fermenters, dispensers, mixing or homogenizing units, hydrogenators, evaporators, distilling boing pots, and other dedicated or general use vessel systems. Sizes range from less than 1-liter to 1000-liters or more. At the heart of these units is Popes own pressurizable Series 600, 700, 800 and 900 Mixers. These are designed for durability, high purity, sanitary and pharmaceutical use, in a compact design. A wide variety of interchangeable motors, impellers, shafts and other components plus custom features and options are available. These mixers are designed together with each process vessel to ensure optimized compatibility and functionality.

Reactor & Vessel Customization

A multitude of options and components include baffles, jackets, wheels and carts, homogenizers, sensors of all types, transmitters, pumps, heaters, chillers, load cells, lifts, condensers, automated valves, feeders and addition vessels, samplers and many other components. The client is provided with an integrated fully optimized high quality vessel system meeting and exceeding expectations. Specialties include sanitary and pharmaceutical designs to ASME BPE standards with CIP and SIP capability.

Turnkey Processing Equipment

Pope offers turnkey processing equipment custom-built for your unique application.

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25L 316L Jacketed Portable Reactor

Incorporates center mounted 800-series agitator and level transmitter

25L 316L Jacketed Portable Reactor
5L Jacketed Reactor
Jacketed Mixing Pressure Vessels
Portable Mixing Tank with Standard Wheel Set-up
Pharma Reactor with Mixer
Pope Storage Tanks
20L Reagent Deliver System
50L Mixing Portable Tank
Custom Reaction and Distillation System
Portable Mixing Tanks
Custom Mixing/Delivery System for Pharmaceutical Application
Pope 30 Liter Nutsche specially designed for polymer precipitation.
Portable Reactor System
Pope 400 Liter Pharmaceutical Reaction & Processing System
600 Liter Pharmaceutical Reaction & Processing System
Pope Turnkey Nutsche Reactor System