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Optimize Lab-Scale Purification with Pope Scientific’s Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryers

Optimize Lab-Scale Purification with Pope Scientific’s Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryers

Pope Scientific leads the way in laboratory separation equipment with its proven Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryers. These compact units have been a staple in laboratories for years, offering researchers a powerful tool for testing, piloting, and small-scale processing.  Pharma, fine chemicals, cannabinoids, electronics, and specialty materials are just a few of the many applications.

Transition From Lab Büchner Funnels to Industrial Operations

Pope’s fully enclosed sanitary design provides numerous advantages over the traditional, open Buchner funnel apparatus. Materials are contained and isolated from the user for maintenance of purity and safety. Featuring ASME-certified pressurizability, filtering, and cake washing is faster than via vacuum. Drying of the solids is also performed in the nutsche, e

fficiently accomplished under vacuum and jacket heating, plus a raising/lowering cake agitator to break up lumps and churn the solids.  This is the same operation as industrial nutsches, but smaller!

In-Stock and Ready for Action!

Pope’s Benchtop Nutsche Filter Dryers are stocked in 1, 3, 4, and 5-liter sizes.  All come pre-tested and pre-fitted with essential components including valves, sight glasses, pressure relief, spray assembly, pressure/vacuum gauge, and a manual with a full documentation package.

Custom Nutsches Too!

In addition to stocked units, Pope specializes in custom-designed lab, pilot, and production nutsches in a wide range of sizes, features, and functionality, and are optimized to meet clients’ processing needs and preferences.  We have your solution – contact us!