Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD)

benchtop nutsche filter dryer

Nutsche-Type Dryers

IN-STOCK! Pope’s Benchtop Nutsches are stocked in 3, 4, and 5 Liter sizes, both jacketed and unjacketed available for quick delivery.  25, 50 and 100 Liter Nutsches are also in stock. Inquire today!

Ideal For Processing Ultra-High Purity Substances

Pope Nutsche Filter Dryers (also known as ANFD or Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers) are known and used worldwide for critical high-purity separations of liquids and solids. Products include pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, electronics-grade materials, fine specialty chemicals, and many others. Our Nutsche filters are preferred for this separation, a critical operation because it is often the final step in an entire manufacturing process, prior to packaging. In most applications, the solids are the product, often being highly pure crystals from reaction and precipitation, suspended in a solvent slurry. After liquid from the slurry passes through the filter, the solids may be further dried and then harvested. In other less common applications, the filtered liquid discharge is the valued product, with the solids being removed and remaining in the Nutsche filter. Pope’s designs accommodate both modes. The highest quality design, materials, manufacturing, welding, finishes, components, and functionality are assured.

Filter dryers provide capabilities for solids filtering, washing, re-slurrying, and drying in a single vessel, reducing process time and worker and environmental exposure. Pressure capability facilitates filtering rate and vacuum capability facilitates filter cake drying rate which can be additionally aided by heat and cake agitation

Available From Lab to Production Scale

Nutsches are available in lab bench through pilot plant and production scale, in volumes from 0.2 through 1000 liters. While there are several variations and many options offered, features in common throughout the line include:

  • 316L stainless steel fabrication or other alloys including Hastelloy C-276/C-22 optionally available.
  • ASME stamped and certified for full vacuum and pressures up to 200 psi, at -80°C to 250°C temperature. Other certifications, including CE/PED, CRN, SELO and NR-13 available.
  • High purity design, various pharmaceutical grade finishes including electropolishing; sanitary type ports are standard.
  • Optional jacketing for heating/cooling or electric heaters.
  • Optional coatings including Teflon.
  • Full range of optional agitation, including raising/lowering agitators and conventional mixers.
  • Safety pressure relief valves or rupture disks.
  • Spray assemblies for admitting filter cake washing/re-slurrying liquid and for CIP use.
  • Valves for pressurization, vacuum, venting, slurry addition, draining, etc.
  • Pressure/vacuum gauges, optional transmitters.
  • Sight glasses and sampling ports.
  • Other instrumentation such as thermometers temperature transmitters, level, pH, controllers, etc. available.
  • Wide variety of filter pore sizes and types, 0.1 to 200 micron pore sizes, stainless steel, Hastelloy, polypropylene, special membrane and other filter materials available.


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